Hypospadias Surgery

Residual or recurrent chordee after Hypospadias Surgery 0

Residual or Recurrent Chordee after Hypospadias Surgery

Recently, we published a very important paper in the prestigious international journal “Pediatric Surgery International”. In that paper, through a meta-analysis of previously published data, we assessed the various techniques of correction of chordee...

Adult with multiple hypospadias failures 0

Adult with Multiple Hypospadias Failures

A 24-year old software engineer came to me last year with four failed hypospadias operations during his childhood. He was still passing urine from an opening in his scrotum, so he had to always...

Why is Hypospadias Surgery not a simple or minor operation? 0

Is Hypospadias Surgery a Minor Operation?

Doctor, we thought Hypospadias surgery is a minor operation. Only after my son’s operation failed 2 times, I realised that it is a major and difficult operation. Last week I had a call from...