Child with Hypospadias

Is hypospadias a genetic problem?

Is Hypospadias a Genetic Problem? 

I saw a charming young couple in my clinic today. They brought their 1-year-old son to me for hypospadias surgery. After examining the child, I discussed the plan of treatment with them. They were...

Re-Operation for failed Hypospadias 0

Re-Operation for Failed Hypospadias

Last month I saw a 17-year old boy in my clinic. I couldn’t recognise him as I had seen him many years ago. His mother also wore a mask due to the corona scare...

What is the right age for hypospadias surgery 0

What is the right age for Hypospadias Surgery?

This is another query commonly asked by the parents. I have dealt with this question in the ‘FAQ’ section of my ‘Hypospadias Surgery’ book. In most standard textbooks, the best time for hypospadias operation...