Is hypospadias a genetic problem?

Is Hypospadias a Genetic Problem? 

I saw a charming young couple in my clinic today. They brought their 1-year-old son to me for hypospadias surgery. After examining the child, I discussed the plan of treatment with them. They were...

Why is Hypospadias Surgery not a simple or minor operation? 0

Is Hypospadias Surgery a Minor Operation?

Doctor, we thought Hypospadias surgery is a minor operation. Only after my son’s operation failed 2 times, I realised that it is a major and difficult operation. Last week I had a call from...

What is the right age for hypospadias surgery 0

What is the right age for Hypospadias Surgery?

This is another query commonly asked by the parents. I have dealt with this question in the ‘FAQ’ section of my ‘Hypospadias Surgery’ book. In most standard textbooks, the best time for hypospadias operation...

How do we know our child has hypospadias 0

How do we Know our Child has Hypospadias?

This is a very common doubt expressed by parents. Hypospadias is an external defect, hence it is very easy to observe and diagnose. Today most deliveries are attended by the pediatric doctor who examines...

What is the cause of my Child’s Hypospadias? 0

What is the cause of my Child’s Hypospadias?

Several parents of hypospadias children ask me one question, typically at the end of a detailed discussion about the plan of treatment of their child: Doctor, what is the cause of this hypospadias? Why...

DR. VVS. Chandrasekharam, author of the book on Hypospadias

My Experience with Writing a Book on Hypospadias.

DR. VVS. Chandrasekharam, author of the book on Hypospadias, has dealt with 1200 cases of hypospadias over 20 years. Hypospadias is a common congenital (birth) defect of the genitalia in boys, occurring in about...