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Hypospadias in Adults

Ideally, all hypospadias cases should be repaired completely in childhood itself, so that no stigma of the defect remain when child reaches adulthood.

Sometimes, hypospadias may be neglected in childhood. On the other hand, in many cases, the operations may have failed in childhood. in both these situations, hypospadias defect may remain in adults.

When a sensitive problem like hypospadias persists into adulthood, it causes many psychologic issues. Many such adults may have low self esteem, low confidence levels and may become introverts.

Hypospadias repair in adults can be challenging, mainly because of the large penile size and associated powerful erections, which might increase the chance of bleedind at the time of surgery and mey adversely affect wound healing. But the good news is that adult hypospadias can be corrected by expert hands.

Dr.Sekharamhasa lot of experience in doing hypospadias repair in adults also. The techniques that are used in adult hypospadias are slightly different, medications are given to the patients to prevent erections for a few weeks after the operation.