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What Is Hypospadias

Hypospadias is a congenital abnormality of the penis in boys. It is common, occuring in 1 out of 150 - 200 boys (approx). The 3 main abnormalities in hypospadias are

  • The abnormal position of urinary meatus (opening) on the undersurface of the penis
  • Abnormal bend (curvature) of the penis (called Chordee)
  • Abnormal foreskin distribution on the penis (usually only half of the penis has foreskin in children with hypospadias).

In most boys, hypospadias is an isolated problem & all the child requires is a good surgery to correct the defect. In most (80-85%) cases, a single operation is sufficient to correct hypospadias with excellent results. Dr Sekharam has done over 500 hypospadias repairs. He has over 90% success with single-stage correction of most of hypospadias (including moderate to severe hypospadias with chordee). Dr Sekharam has published his results in reputed journals which can be accessed online. (please see below)

About 10-15 % of hypospadias are of the very severe type, usually associated with a small penis, bifid scrotum (scrotum spilt into two halves in the midline) & scrotal transposition (scrotum overriding the penis) where it may be difficult to estimate the sex of the child at first look. Such children require chromosomal tests (karyotyping) & other tests before planning surgical correc